Site Security & Access

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Site Access – Individuals requesting vehicular access to the Fermilab site are required to present a valid form of identification, which may be one of the following: a current Fermilab identification badge, a DOE HSPD-12 badge, uniformed law enforcement officers with proper credentials, or a valid government-issued photo identification card. Individuals must indicate the intent of their visit (e.g., conduct work, tour the Laboratory’s public areas, or attend a meeting). Please refer to the Fermilab Site Access Policy/Procedure.

  • If you are returning on-site to work and need a new badge or have an expired badge, please make an appointment with the Badging Office via the Badging Office Scheduler two business days in advance of arrival .
    • No walk-in or same-day badge appointments will be accepted.
    • Contact with questions or visit
    • Appointments are not final until a confirmation email is received from
    • The list of appointments will be sent to the Security Operation Center by 4 p.m. the prior business day to ensure gate access and to
    • Individuals who require sub-contractor orientation must be listed on the daily list via the scheduler in order to be registered for the orientation.
  • Hours of Operation
  • Site map – Public areas
  • For Key / Card Access requests to buildings: Email Security Department will seek the proper D/S/P Head/Building authority for approval & safety requirement verification.
  • Notify x3414 (Security Office) when expecting a Limousine, or other service providers such as Uber or Lyft. Driver must possess proper ID, know the pickup location, and have an alternate contact number of the requester.
  • Village residents expecting food/grocery deliveries must notify x3414 (Security Office).
  • Vehicle Lock-Outs/Vehicle Starts are not provided. Employees/Users must call off-site service.
  • All Vendors must use the Wilson Street Entrance & show a valid Government I.D. & Bill of Lading.

Business Visitors – Fermilab badged point of contact (POC) requesting approval for a business visit by a non-badged person must send the following information to Foreign Visits and Assignments & Export Control will perform their verification and approve the business visitor.

  • Visitors First and Last Name
  • Date of Access
  • Access Location
  • Country of Citizenship

Non-badged business visitors must be escorted 100% of the time during the visit.

Prohibited Items –

  • Firearms and other dangerous weapon
  • Explosives
  • Instruments or material likely to produce substantial injury or damage to persons or property
  • Controlled substances
  • Other items prohibited by law
  • Personal Drone use

Recreational Guidelines –

For additional resources can be found at Users Office and Useful Information