Fermilab Environment, Safety and Health Manual (FESHM)

The Fermilab Environment, Safety and Health Manual (FESHM) is a living document that contains Fermilab’s policies and procedures designed to manage environmental, safety and health (ES&H) hazards in accordance with the requirements of the Work Smart (WS) set of ES&H standards attached to the U. S. Department of Energy contract. These practices have been developed over many years at Fermilab and have been found to be both efficient and effective. Nevertheless the ES&H program is one of continuous improvement and comments and suggestions are always solicited.

External Access to FESHM Chapters

Chapter Title Download
4100 Industrial Hygiene Program docid=354
4110 Hazard Communication docid=381
4120 Ergonomics Program (Work Smart Standard) docid=546
Form: Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (Part 1 & 2) docid=1247
Form: Computer Workstation Ergonomic Review docid=1248
Form: Industrial Workstation Ergonomic Review docid=1249
4130 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) docid=534
Form: Safety Shoe Form docid=1205
Form: Safety Eyewear docid=1396
Form: PPE Hazard Assessment Checklist docid=2877
4140 Hearing Conservation docid=384
4150 Respiratory Protection docid=392
Form: Medical Surveillance Request for Respiratory Protection Usage docid=1252
Form: OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire docid=1239
Form: Respirator Log Sheet docid=1932
Form: Appendices B-1, B-2 and D docid=1602
4160 Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations docid=2039
Form: Annual Inspection of Plumbed Eye Wash and Safety Showers docid=3191
4170 Hazard Control Ventilation docid=533
4180 Asbestos Management Program docid=382
Form: Asbestos Questionnaire docid=3486
4190 Special Toxic Hazards – Beryllium and Beryllium Alloys, Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program docid=530
Form: Toxic Material Handling Permit docid=1237
Form: Fermilab Beryllium Medical Questionnaire docid=1238
Form: Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program docid=1240
4195 Special Toxic Hazards – Respirable Crystalline Silica docid=3563
4200 Special Toxic Hazards – Lead-Containing Materials docid=529
4210 Environmental Biological Hazards at Fermilab docid=532
4220 Bloodborne Pathogens docid=390
4230 Confined Spaces docid=386
Form: Confined Space Entry Permit docid=1241
Form: Confined Space Reclassification docid=1242
Form: Additional Attendants and Entrants docid=1243
Form: Additional Sampling Results docid=1244
Form: Confined Space Data Entry docid=1245
4240 Oxygen Deficiency Hazards (ODH) (Work Smarts Standard) docid=387
4250 Temperature Extremes docid=388
4260 Lasers docid=385
Form: Laser Registration Form docid=2428
4270 Static Magnetic Fields docid=531
4280 Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure docid=389
4290 Occupational Medicine docid=395
4300 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program docid=396
4310 Nanomaterials docid=4118
4320 Radio Frequency Hazards docid=5732

Chapter Title Download
5031 Pressure Vessels (Work Smart Standard) docid=456
Form: Pressure Vessels docid=1228
5031.1 Piping Systems (Work Smarts Standard) docid=362
Form: Piping Engineering Note docid=1229
5031.2 Inert Gas Trailer Connections and Onsite Filling docid=363
5031.3 Gas Regulators for Compressed Gas Cylinders docid=527
5031.4 Inspection and Testing of Relief Systems docid=364
Form: Inspection and Testing of Relief Systems docid=1230
5031.5 Low Pressure Vessels and Fluid Containment docid=366
Form: Technical Appendix Form for Low Pressure Vessels docid=3501
5031.6 Dressed Niobium SRF Cavity Pressure Safety docid=1097
Form: Dressed SRF Cavity Engineering docid=1470
5031.7 Membrane Cryostats docid=3067
5031.8 Boilers docid=6827
5032 Cryogenic System Review (Work Smart Standard) docid=528
Form: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis docid=1231
5032.1 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Installation and Operation Rules (Work Smarts Standard) docid=367
5032.2 Liquid Cryogenic Targets (Work Smarts Standard) docid=368
5032.3 Transporting Gases in Building Elevators (Work Smarts Standard) docid=369
5033 Vacuum Vessel Safety (Work Smart Standard) docid=371
Form: Vacuum Vessel Engineering Note docid=1232
5033.1 Vacuum Window Safety (Work Smarts Standard) docid=372
Form: Vacuum Window Engineering Note docid=1233
5034 Pressure Vessel Testing docid=373
Form: Pressure Vessel Testing docid=1234
5034.1 Retesting Procedures for D.O.T. Gas Storage Cylinders Including Tube Trailers docid=458
5035 Mechanical Refrigeration Systems (Work Smarts Standard) docid=374
5100 Structural Safety docid=4112