Fermilab Radiological Control Manual (FRCM)

“An important objective at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is to do our research in a manner such that the safety of personnel and the protection of the environment receives the highest consideration while at the same time we pursue excellence in the use of our laboratory facilities. The procedures and restrictions in this Fermilab Radiological Control Manual have been carefully chosen to attain these goals in the context of the laboratory’s program of Integrated Safety Management.

All laboratory employees, users, and subcontractor personnel are expected to adhere to our environment, safety and health policies. These general policies are stated in the Fermilab Environment, Safety and Health Manual of which the Fermilab Radiological Control Manual is an important part. Non-cooperation or flagrant disregard of environment, safety and health procedures will be cause for disciplinary action or for denial of the use of Fermilab facilities.” —Nigel Lockyer – September 2013

External Access to FRCM Documents

Chapter Title Download
1 Fermilab Radiological Control Program docid=443
Form: RP Form #014 – Evaluation of Qualifications of Radiation Safety Officers docid=1292
2 Radiological Standards docid=444
3 Conduct of Radiological Work docid=445
4 Radioactive Materials docid=446
5 Radiological Health Support Operations docid=447
6 Radiological Training and Qualification docid=448
7 Radiological Records docid=449
8 ALARA Management of Accelerator Radiation Shielding docid=450
9 Special Circumstances docid=451
10 Radiation Safety Interlock Systems docid=452
11 Environmental Radiation Monitoring and Control docid=453
12 Glossary docid=473

RP Form #001 – Permanent Badge Service Request

RP Form #002 – Occupational Exposure History

HCTT Form #2 – Hazardous/Radioactive Mixed Waste Certification & Pickup Request & Instructions

RP Form #003 – Exposure Investigation

RP Form #003A – Instructions for Completing an Exposure Investigation Report

RP Form #006 – Your Dosimeter

RP Form #009 – Argonne Whole Body Counting Information Sheet

RP Form #010 – Leak Test Result

RP Form #012 – ES&H Radioactive Source Loan

RP Form #013 – Radiation Exposure to Unborn Children

RP Form #014 – Evaluation of Qualifications of Radiation Safety Officers

RP Form #015 – Evaluation of Qualifications of Radiological Control Technicians

RP Form #019 – Interlock Review Status

RP Form #020 – Record of Radioactive Material Receipts and Shipments

RP Form #025 – Field Analysis of Particulate Air Sample

RP Form #026 – Sources with Exposure Rates that Cause Radiation Areas to Exist

RP Form #031 – Radiation Safety Information for Visitors

RW Form #031 – Radioactive Waste Certification and Pickup Request

RW Form #031 – Rad Waste Certification & Pickup Request Form Continuation Sheet

RP Form #033 – Chain of Custody Record

RP Form #034 – Initial Response to a Radiological Incident

RP Form #037 – Fermilab Radioactive Source Access Log

RP Form #040 – Bioassay Sample Chain of Custody

RP Form #042 – Request for Approval of Interlock System Modification

RP Form #043 – Wipe Count Request

RP Form #044 – Radioactive Source Return

RP Form #045 – Radioactive Source Transfer

RP Form #046 – Interlock Failure/ Trouble Report

RP Form #057 – On Site Transfer of Nuclear Material

RP Form #065 – Dose Assessment Using Modified Bicron Analyst Measurements

RP Form #066 – BODA System Background and Calibration Checks

RP Form #067 – Source Inventory Log

RP Form #069 – Dose Assessment Using Sodium Iodide (NaI) Measurements

RP Form #071 – Formal ALARA Review Procedure and Worksheet

RP Form #072 – Radiological Incident Body Chart Record

RP Form #084 – Medical Office Radioactive Contamination Survey Checklist

RP Form #085 – List of Facilities Containing Radioactive Materials

RP Form #086 – Declared Pregnant Worker Evaluation

RP Form #087 – Job Specific Radiation Safety Training 

RP Form #088 – Medical Procedures Involving Radioactive Material

RP Form #089 – Transfer of Radiological Training

RP Form #091 – Area RSO Checklist for Radiation Workers Who Have Undergone a Nuclear Medicine Procedure

RP Form #092 – Emergency Processing of TLD Badge

RP Form #094 – Medical History of Individuals Involved in a Radiological Incident

RP Form #095 – Description of Beam on Exposure Incident

RP Form #096 – BODA Emergency Response Checklist for RPT Members

RP Form #097 – Modified Bicron Analyst Meter Readings

RP Form #098 – Halon Wand Sign Out Sheet

RP Form #099 – Radioactive Source/ Radiation Work Approval

RP Form #100 – Fermilab Nuclear Material Control & Accountability Program on The Job Training Validation

RP Form #101 – Fermilab Source Monitor Responsibilities

RP Form #102 – Fermilab External Dosimetry Program on The Job Training Validation

RP Form #103 – Radiation Physics Team Personnel Decontamination Checklist

RP Form #104 – Radiological Control Technician On-The-Job Training Validation

RP Form #106 – Review Checklist for Sealed Source Use and Storage

RP Form #107 – Review ES&H Section Radioactive Source Purchase Requisition Notes and Approvals

RP Form #108 – List of Radiation-Generating Devices (FRCM Article 362)

RP Form #109 – ES&H Section Nuclear Materials Purchase Requisition Notes and Approvals

RP Form #110 – Review Checklist for Sealed Source Use and Storage

RP Form #110a – Review ES&H Section Radioactive Source Purchase Requisition Notes and Approvals

RP Form #111 & #111a – Review ES&H Section Radioactive Source Purchase Requisition Notes and Approvals

RP Form #112: RSO/RCT Radiography Checklist

RP Form #113 – Preliminary Hazard Assessment Checklist for Deuterium-Based Neutron Generators

RP Form #114 – Checklist for Nuclear Material Receipt, Shipment, or NOL

RP Form #115 – Checklist for Approval of Receipt and Shipment of Rad Materials and Sources

RP Form #117 – Backup Dosimetry Program Manager

RP Form #118 – EDP Admin Support Assistant Annual Assessment Training Form

RP Form #119 – Personnel Decontamination in the Field Information Sheet & Checklist

RP Form #120 – ITA at MTA Rad Material Survey and On-Site Transfer

RP Form #126 – Temporary Dosimetry Badge Information Card

RP Form #127 – On-Site Restricted Release Form

RP Form #128 – Radiological Clearance Form

RP Form #129 – EDP LBNF-FS Dosimetry Coordinator Annual Assessment Training Form