COVID-19 Vaccine Information

It is important to continue wearing a face cover and remain physically distant from others even if you have been vaccinated because it is not known at this time how vaccination affects transmissibility.

Fermilab management continues to closely monitor COVID-19.   Throughout the COVID-19 situation, Fermilab’s priority has been to protect the health and well-being of employees, users, and the broader Fermilab community.  In line with that effort, Fermilab hopes to establish a workplace COVID-19 vaccination program.  In the meantime, the information on this page will be kept up to date to keep you informed of what is happening on site and to provide general information about COVID-19 vaccinations.

We understand you may have questions, and we will do our best to provide you with information and updates as we learn more about the vaccine’s rollout.  Learn more about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines from the University of Chicago Medicine.

It is important to wear a face covering and remain physically distant from co-workers and customers even if you have been vaccinated because it is not known at this time how vaccination affects transmissibility.

If you have received the full dose of vaccine outside of Fermilab, please notify the Fermilab Occupational Medical Office (OMO).  PLEASE notify OMO that you have been vaccinated at (do not include PII).  Or send your vaccination documents by fax (630-840-3053), or drop off a copy at the office (WHGF).  This documentation will be stored in your SECURE employee medical file.

Fermilab’s vaccine plan.

  • Fermilab’s Occupational Medicine Office has applied to the Illinois Department of Public Health to be a closed point of distribution and has received approval.  On site vaccinations began in April.
  • COVID-19 vaccine appointments are now available for all Fermilab employees, including those who are NOT on the essential onsite list and teleworkers, and for users and contractors who are on the essential onsite list. Family members, including those living in the Village, are not eligible for vaccines at this time.
    • Those eligible must pre-register for the vaccine with OMO at COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler. Registration for an appointment is required to receive a vaccination.
    • Walk-ins will not be able to be accommodated.
    • You will need to complete a consent form.
      • Download and bring the completed consent form with you at your scheduled vaccination appointment.
      • If you answer yes to the contraindications statement, then it is highly advisable to contact your personal physician for guidance.
    • Note – OMO will provide both first and second vaccine doses.  OMO will not provide a second vaccine dose if the first dose was received elsewhere.
  • Fermilab’s Protective Measures remain a requirement while on site.
  • Please send questions to

Illinois’ vaccine plan.

More IL vaccination information:

South Dakota’s vaccine plan.

  • South Dakota has established a vaccination plan
  • SD Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you are eligible to be vaccinated under the State distribution, please notify the Fermilab Occupational Medicine Office ( if you have completed your vaccination.

More SD vaccination information:

University of Chicago