Quality Assurance Manual (QAM)

Quality assurance at Fermilab is integrated into one labwide Quality Assurance Management System. It is a set of interrelated elements that Fermilab uses to plan, direct, control, assure and improve how quality policies and procedures are established, implemented, and monitored. The Quality Assurance Manual is a living document that contains Fermilab’s policies and procedures designed to manage quality in accordance with the requirements of the DOE Quality Assurance Order. Quality assurance applies to all work conducted at Fermilab, and we have worked diligently to establish an overarching institutional approach to QA at the laboratory. This approach applies program controls using a graded approach based on an analysis of identified risks where work is to be performed. It also outlines requirements necessary to consistently meet the contract obligations throughout the laboratory.

Chapter Title Download
12002 Fermilab Quality Assurance Program docid=2469
12003 Fermilab Software Quality Assurance Program docid=3193
12010 Fermilab Lessons Learned Program and Procedures docid=2496
12020 Suspect/Counterfeit Items (S/CI) Program docid=2564
12030 Fermilab Quality Tool Suite Procedures and Risk Assignment docid=2646
12040 Corrective and Preventive Actions docid=2645
12050 Causal Analysis docid=2687
12060 Quality Assurance Guidelines for Scientific Research docid=2639
12070 Graded Approach Procedure docid=2688
12080 Fermilab Assessment Program docid=2689
12090 Software Quality Assurance Grading & Inventory Procedure docid=3194
12100 Incoming Inspection and Acceptance docid=5633
12110 Human Performance Improvement (HPI) docid=5644
12120 Office of Quality Assurance Glossary docid=5720
12130 Quality Assurance Guidelines for FRA Projects docid=6750
12140 Event Review and Analysis Program docid=7069
Form: Level 1 Event Review Report template docid=7147